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Baby Dance Fertility Lubricant Reviews

5 stars
Mar 14, 2020
1403, 2020

Not Provided

*By masumeh88

5 stars
Oct 2, 2019
210, 2019

big help

Love this with all the meds I take I felt a little off with my mind hoping everything would work out. this help ease the worry of getting those swimmers to my egg lol. funny but in my head made me relax and enjoy baby making.

*By Lisa

5 stars
Sep 11, 2019
1109, 2019


We got pregnant first month of use, after having mirena removed. Definitely recommend

*By Brittney Eirish

5 stars
Jul 24, 2019
2407, 2019

great product

This worked very well. I tend to be very sensitive to lubricants and this product was great. No irritation, no smell, it just does what it says and worked.

*By Kristen

5 stars
Mar 24, 2019
2403, 2019

Worked the first time!

Works like a charm! Highly recommend!!

*By Mrs. linke

5 stars
Mar 21, 2019
2103, 2019

Good product

Have only used it for one cycle but have been happy with it so far. Easy to use and has not irritated me at all- which usually can happen!

*By Mackenzie

4 stars
Mar 10, 2019
1003, 2019

Like it!

I like it. It makes babymaking more fun and feels better. But I have a few questions that no one answered. How long would it take to conceive if I have slightly irregular periods. I have downloaded a hundred ovulation apps to try to track when I ovulate but it never works because I have irregular periods. Any suggestions? I’ve used this for 2 days In a row at about 830pm, this is the third day haven’t used it yet but expiercing some belly pain. What are the side effects of this product? And how long would it take to conceive if I used one tube every day for the 6 days?

*By Shania

5 stars
Feb 28, 2019
2802, 2019

Success with 1st time use

Bought this last month and then used it during my fertile window. We BD from 3 days before ovulation up to the day before ovulation. Then at 9dpo I received my first positive with the BFP home pregnancy test. Our new fertility specialist said our first option would have to be IVF. I have Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, PCOS, and 1 Fallopian tube. I didn’t believe the HPT, so I had my DH pee in a cup so I can test his urine. End up being Hubby wasn’t pregnant, I was!!! Unfortunately it ended in a early miscarriage. But this brings us hope. The last time my husband and I conceived naturally was 7 years ago. We’ve had 5 miscarriages, 1 ectopic and 2 failed IVF’s. Still holding on to hope. Husband also take FertileAid for men & CountBoost. I take Ovaboost & FertileCM.

Wanted to add that w/ Endometriosis, it’s painful during intercourse, but the lubricant has made it so much better and enjoyable.

*By ngelicazndimplez

5 stars
Jan 17, 2019
1701, 2019

I love this product! We’ve used it for 2 months of ttc now. We aren’t pregnant yet, but hoping we will be soon! I feel like I’m more sensitive (in a good way) with this lubricant versus other products. It does have a scent to it, but it doesn’t bother us.

*By Courtney

5 stars
Jan 15, 2019
1501, 2019


Found out 5 days ago I was pregnant after only using Baby Dance 1 month. Not sure if it was just my time or this helped!! I am 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant

*By Elissa M

3 stars
Jan 9, 2019
901, 2019

Not much product in there

I wish this came into a big tube. This is only good for you for few times.

*By And

3 stars
Dec 17, 2018
1712, 2018

Works good

*By Iavor Ianev

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