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Baby Dance Fertility Lubricant Reviews

5 stars
Sep 10, 2018
1009, 2018

Awesome product

We absolutely love the product. It have been very helpful when trying to conceive because it is sperm friendly and helps with having lubrication that is good for sperm. The only thing I would change is the smell is very floral and I’m allergic to most flowers to the smell makes me sneeze sometimes. Other than that it is an awesome product and we will be getting more!!.

*By Erin

5 stars
Sep 7, 2018
709, 2018

Everything’s rosy

This product is fantastic! We have tried PreSeed and Conceive Plus and this is by far the best with no icky parabens. Not sticky and not runny. The rose scent is just light enough and the hubby can’t even smell it. Agree with the previous reviewer and will order in bulk whether TTC or not!

*By Stephanie

5 stars
Aug 7, 2018
708, 2018


I received this product for free during a promotion and just ordered more at the request of my partner. He loves the gel more than any other one we’ve used. I was afraid to use it at first since I try to avoid anything floral but it has been a great addition to my sex life. Worth a bulk purchase, trust me.

*By MYSTER9905

5 stars
Jun 10, 2018
1006, 2018

Great product, love the scent! Got pregnant first try

*By Sarah

4 stars
May 26, 2018
2605, 2018

Waiting to see if it helps us to conceive our first baby

This is our 3rd year TTC and I recently came across this company and this product. We initially used Preseed which was fine, but I love the consistency of Baby Dance and the slight smell of roses. I also really like that it is a much safer alternative to other lubes since it matches the PH of fertile cervical mucus and semen. Makes “trying” a lot more comfortable and enjoyable. Almost done with my first box and praying to detect a little miracle in a week or so. Really impressed with isolove and all of the products they have designed to be natural and safe for women to aid in vaginal health and fertility.

I do get a little discouraged seeing other womens’ reviews about conceiving after only trying once with this lube (which is not the case for me), but I also believe in God’s timing and that it is perfect, so I’m continuing to trust that it will happen when it’s supposed to, and if Fairhaven and isolove can play a role in that, I am grateful.

*By Sherri

5 stars
May 8, 2018
805, 2018

Success on the FIRST try with baby dance fertility lube

I love love love this product. On April 23rd i got a positive on my ovulation kit. Use one baby dance lube,did the deed then when straight to sleep. May 8th is period day but i decided to test on Saturday due to feeling a bit off. Am ☺ happy i did cause AM PREGNANT!!!😍😍😍❤❤❤😍😍😀
Am very thankful for Fairhaven Health for bringing this product to TTC women and giving back a hope in the process.

*By Iana

5 stars
Apr 25, 2018
2504, 2018

We love baby dance fertility lubricant! Smells great and isnt sticky at all! Only lubricant we use!

*By Tiffany

5 stars
Apr 4, 2018
404, 2018


This is a great lube.

*By Dennis Henico

5 stars
Mar 19, 2018
1903, 2018

Love this!

Wonderful product, even a great scent!

*By Bri

5 stars
Mar 7, 2018
703, 2018

First time is a charm

After 2 yrs of ttc with trying everything you can think of. We tried this lube and had sex only once in my fertile week. We are now almost 7 weeks along in the pregnancy. My husband also had a 15 yr reversal and used all Fertiliaid for men products.

*By Anne

5 stars
Feb 26, 2018
2602, 2018

TTC for 3 years

My first time trying this product and I really liked it, we are waiting on our first positive pregnancy test.

*By Felicitas

5 stars
Feb 13, 2018
1302, 2018

Just got a BFP!

I just wanted to say your new fertility lube is amazing! After trying 2 yrs to conceive our first, with doing MANY fertility boosting tips nothing was working. We won the lube off a contest on your site and had sex even only once with using the lube in my fertile week and I just got a bfp. Thank you all so much!

Also, my husband has been using the Fertiliaid for men almost a yr and a half now after a 15 yr old vasectomy reversal.

*By A.B.

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