Clinical Study Results:
IsoFresh Decreases pH
Improves Quality of Life

A recent clinical study, titled Biocompatibility and Efficacy of an Isotonic Buffered Gel for Vaginal pH Balancing, evaluated the impact of IsoFresh Balancing Vaginal Gel on women’s concerns about, and frequency of, unwanted vaginal odor. In this study, 30 women with self-declared concerns about vaginal odor and a stated desire to feel “more fresh” used IsoFresh according to package directions for 30 days. The study included an ethnically diverse group of women, some of whom are of reproductive age and some of whom have reached menopause.

Results from this clinical trial reveal that IsoFresh:

  • Lowers vaginal pH, after just one use and after 30 days of use
  • Decreases frequency of unwanted vaginal odor
  • Decreases women’s concerns about unwanted vaginal odor

Balancing the vaginal ecosystem and maintaining vaginal pH in a healthy range are essential to preventing unwanted odors. By decreasing vaginal pH, IsoFresh supports vaginal self-cleaning and vaginal freshness, which may explain why IsoFresh works for preventing unwanted feminine odors.

Along with lowering pH, this study showed that IsoFresh improves quality of life. As part of this study, participants filled out a questionnaire at enrollment that asked them to describe what, if any, concerns they have about feminine odor. Participants reported an increase in concern about embarrassing vaginal odors following their menstrual period, after sexual intimacy, and when changing clothes. The women also reported that concern about odor causes them to change social plans and/or avoid wearing certain types of clothing. After 30 days of using IsoFresh, women reported a decrease in concerns about unwanted vaginal odor, which means they weren’t altering their plans or lifestyle because of vaginal odor.

IsoFresh Lowers Vaginal pH

The clinical study was designed to evaluate the links between vaginal pH and feminine odor.  A healthy vagina has an acidic (low) pH to protect the healthy bacteria that fight off infections, including sexually transmitted diseases. Maintaining the low pH is critical for vaginal health. IsoFresh gel lowered vaginal pH of study participants after initial use and over 30 days of use. Women with elevated vaginal pH (above 5.0) saw the greatest decrease in pH levels.

Feminine Odor Concerns Are Reduced

Women in the study self-identified events that they felt tended to trigger malodor for them. Those types of events included things like menstruation, ovulation, menopause, exercise, intimacy, and incontinence. Not coincidentally, events such as these all result in the vagina being exposed to higher pH fluids such as semen, blood, and sweat. The vagina must continually work to keep the pH in the acidic range to prevent infection.  As can be seen in the vaginal pH chart, study participants’ vaginal pHs were lowered and, in this chart, you can see that so too were their concerns about feminine odor.

Treating Bad Feminine Odor with IsoFresh

Reports of Bad Odor Drop with IsoFresh Use

Study participants’ concerns about bad odor dropped for a reason – the women in the study reported fewer actual instances of actual bad odor.  Study participants were asked to track and report if they had experienced 3 or more days of bad odor in the previous week. This chart shows that on Day 0, 40% of study participants reported bad odor in the previous week. By Day 30, that number had decreased to 3%.

A Remedy for Odor Should Not Harm Good Bacteria

Many feminine hygiene products take a “scorched earth” approach and kill off not only the bad bacteria that is a root cause of the odor but also the good bacteria which is responsible for helping the vagina fight off infections including STDs. Part of the study was conducted in a laboratory setting to determine whether IsoFresh had any negative effect on good bacteria. Lactobacillus Crispatus bacteria strains were suspended and incubated both with and without exposure to IsoFresh gel. Results show that IsoFresh gel did not impact the viability of beneficial bacterial.

Bad Odor Changes Women’s Behavior

Women in the study were asked questions about how unwanted odor affected their lives. Not surprisingly, the behavior changes came out loud and clear and affected things ranging from what we wear to what we do.

Bad Odor Has Deeper Consequences

Women in the study also reported that bad odor decreased their feelings of confidence. Unwanted feminine odor was listed by women as something that not only makes them feel unclean but also deeper emotions such as feeling unattractive and frustrated by a lack of ability to solve the issue.