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IsoFresh Balancing Gel Reviews

5 stars
Jul 20, 2019
2007, 2019

Love it!!

Works very well for recurrent BV. Doesn’t make you have excess discharge like similar products.

*By Happy Customer

5 stars
Jul 4, 2019
407, 2019

works very well

I love how gentle this product is. I used this after a course of antibiotics, for balancing. Worked great! All is well! Gentle, wonderful product!

*By shoop

4 stars
Jun 12, 2019
1206, 2019

Great product


*By Liv

5 stars
May 30, 2019
3005, 2019

I found it when looking for a healthy product. It is not full of chemicals as similar products are.
I have been very happy with it and have shared information about the product with my doctor.

*By Ruth

4 stars
Apr 11, 2019
1104, 2019

Fresh at last!

This is by far the best products of it’s kind of I have ever found. I have a hereditary problem with my pH balance and I am constantly struggling with having an odor no matter what I do. I have tried everything on the market, (feminine washes, sprays, douche, wipes, powders) and I was never able to find anything that worked for me until now. I am very impressed with this product. The only downside is the price. I am on a fixed income and for me this is a really expensive item. But the peace of mind that it brings me makes it worth the price. I will find a way even if I have to give up something else to be able to afford it.

*By Wendy

4 stars
Mar 18, 2019
1803, 2019

It really helps with the smell but is clumped up inside

*By popit4angie

5 stars
Mar 10, 2019
1003, 2019

Buy it!

After having used it, 4 hours later I could tell/smell the difference! Amazing!!! I’m so glad I found this product! I will buy it again!

*By Dee

5 stars
Jan 8, 2019
801, 2019

Works well for bv but does not prevent reoccurrence.

*By Jessie

5 stars
Jan 7, 2019
701, 2019


This is a safe, natural alternative to douching if you want to feel fresh and clean after your period, etc.

*By April

5 stars
Jan 5, 2019
501, 2019

Another option

I have a rather unconventional use for this product. Because of uterine prolapse, I wear a pessary. Told to use a lubricant with this support, I was aghast to learn the recommended brands contained perfumes and other objectionable ingredients. One of the products has even been outlawed in Canada. What to do? IsoFresh to the rescue. Non-toxic ingredients. The stuff does what it is supposed to do. What more can I ask?

*By Debra Elsinger

4 stars
Dec 3, 2018
312, 2018

Very good, but too small

Very good product, it is very effective. Makes you feel clean and fresh. It doesn’t leak at all.
I would really like the product to be larger, the tube is really small, considering that is something you’re going to be using every three days. The other thing I don’t really like is having to wash and store the applicator, other than that, no complains. The product is great. Love it and would definitely continue to use it and recommend it to my friends.

*By Eleonora Galindo

5 stars
Aug 7, 2018
708, 2018

Far Better than Summer’s Eve

I was skeptical when I purchased this only because its easy to buy other products right at your local store. I wasn’t left feeling dried out and it works after intercourse, or your monthly. I am definitely never buying anything but this gel.

*By MYSTER9905

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