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IsoFresh Balancing Gel Reviews

5 stars
Jan 8, 2019
801, 2019

Works well for bv but does not prevent reoccurrence.

*By Jessie

5 stars
Jan 7, 2019
701, 2019


This is a safe, natural alternative to douching if you want to feel fresh and clean after your period, etc.

*By April

5 stars
Jan 5, 2019
501, 2019

Another option

I have a rather unconventional use for this product. Because of uterine prolapse, I wear a pessary. Told to use a lubricant with this support, I was aghast to learn the recommended brands contained perfumes and other objectionable ingredients. One of the products has even been outlawed in Canada. What to do? IsoFresh to the rescue. Non-toxic ingredients. The stuff does what it is supposed to do. What more can I ask?

*By Debra Elsinger

4 stars
Dec 3, 2018
312, 2018

Very good, but too small

Very good product, it is very effective. Makes you feel clean and fresh. It doesn’t leak at all.
I would really like the product to be larger, the tube is really small, considering that is something you’re going to be using every three days. The other thing I don’t really like is having to wash and store the applicator, other than that, no complains. The product is great. Love it and would definitely continue to use it and recommend it to my friends.

*By Eleonora Galindo

5 stars
Aug 7, 2018
708, 2018

Far Better than Summer’s Eve

I was skeptical when I purchased this only because its easy to buy other products right at your local store. I wasn’t left feeling dried out and it works after intercourse, or your monthly. I am definitely never buying anything but this gel.

*By MYSTER9905

4 stars
Jul 5, 2018
507, 2018

Helped chronic bv

I have suffered chronic bv for 10 years, and I thought I was stuck with antibiotics every 3 months, which I hated because I know how bad over use of antibiotics are.I’m happy to say since starting the use of this gel and twice a week boric acid suppositories I have had no bv….if I feel an itch coming on i use the gel, and especially after sex. This has saved my self confidence, and my body from antibiotics all that time!

*By Anonymous

5 stars
May 25, 2018
2505, 2018

Finally, a product that is safe for BV!

I wrote out this long review and somehow I deleted, so I’m just going to keep this one short. Love that this product is safe and natural and has a salt concentration that matches the salt concentration of vaginal cells. I have been struggling with BV for a while and just recently realized that’s what it was and what it’s caused by. Thrilled that I came across this company and this particular line of products. I also bought the probiotics to use in conjunction with the gel. I feel so clean and fresh immediately after using this and love that I can see it working (exfoliation). I only wish that it came in a larger tube. I intend on never going without this product.

*By Sherri

5 stars
May 15, 2018
1505, 2018

Excellent Product

I used the product following a round of colloidal silver. A lab test came back positive with gardenella and bv. My doctor recommended this to help re-establish healthy flora. So far so good!

*By Omega

1 stars
Apr 2, 2018
204, 2018

Sad it didn’t work

Unfortunately this did not work for me. My vagina is very picky and did not like this. It messed with my pH and caused me more burning and itching. So after 3 attempts I threw it away.

*By Constance Taylor

5 stars
Feb 16, 2018
1602, 2018


I honestly love this product. It was very easy to use. It was NOT messy at all. The scent was super mild and pleasant. I noticed a difference within 24 hours. After three days there was absolutely no odor. I am very impressed and this is now a part of my regular routine. I am so happy I found this product!

*By Mel

5 stars
Nov 27, 2017
2711, 2017


I am a naturopath and have been seeking a natural product for myself, patients and friends to balance the vagina. Women of all ages suffer from bacterial vaginosis )bv) resulting from changes in normal vaginal pH that enables bacteria to grow. Imbalances are caused very easily from menopause, periods, having sex, etc. Douches do not work for bv (for more than a few days at least). I tried this gel myself because it is not harmful like every other product on the market which has toxic chemicals that I don’t advise any woman to put in their bodies. It worked quickly and lasted! The symptoms went away and stayed away until I experienced the initiating event again (menopause and sex in my case). I am thrilled and am telling everyone about it!

*By rachael

5 stars
Nov 10, 2017
1011, 2017

You Won’t Be Disappointed!!!

I’ve Tried Other Products over the Counter, This One By Far Is The Best!!! It Don’t Take Much, It Doesn’t Leak Out, And You Can Use It As Often As Needed…

*By Kiki

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