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IsoFresh Balancing Gel Reviews

5 stars
May 10, 2017
1005, 2017

ISO fresh

It works . Quick easy, no muss no fuss.

*By Janet Warner

5 stars
1005, 2017



*By Sheresse Mclaurin

5 stars
Apr 17, 2017
1704, 2017

Worth getting

Helped the odor go away

*By Ashley

5 stars
Apr 10, 2017
1004, 2017

Much better than Rephresh

More effective than Rephresh, and it stays put! I only wish it came in a larger tube option.

*By mrm212

5 stars
1004, 2017


I Love Love Love This Product! Everything About It! It Truly Gives That Fresh Feeling As Promised !

*By Autumn

5 stars
Mar 16, 2017
1603, 2017

Worked perfectly

Easy to use and solved issues with no irritation whatsoever. So very glad to have found and tried it!

*By Carol

5 stars
Feb 15, 2017
1502, 2017

Good Stuff

I have tried other similar products from my local store. This product is a great addition to woman’s hygiene routine particularly when undergoing things that throw your normal odor down under off. I know that we are all different and most doctors do no recommend traditional douches, however, this is a great way to re-balance. It’s worth the price for the value the product provides. I am satisfied and will be purchasing another tube soon.

*By Josie

5 stars
Feb 5, 2017
502, 2017

iso fresh

Love this– very clean feel– will purchase more

*By Ann Smith

5 stars
Dec 14, 2016
1412, 2016

Worked Great Postpartum

I used IsoFresh for postpartum vaginal odor. After using this product every few days for a few weeks, my odor has disappeared! I will use as needed now. I would definitely recommend IsoFresh!

*By Christy

5 stars
Dec 8, 2016
812, 2016

Great product a must use.

Helped with unwanted discharge and keeps you fresh.

*By Takisha Perryman

4 stars
Dec 5, 2016
512, 2016

Great for the Value

I was kind of hesitate with buying the product. But I gave it a shot to try and see how I liked it. Most of the other Fairhaven products that I have tried have been a great with my body. I like the product a lot becasue it was a simple as 1-2-3 and was not messy at all.

*By L.C.

5 stars
Dec 2, 2016
212, 2016

Where have you been all my life

It’s 2 simple words: LOVE IT

*By Necole

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