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IsoFresh Balancing Gel Reviews

5 stars
Nov 23, 2016
2311, 2016

Very gentle

I really enjoyed using IsoFresh. It left me feeling clean, calmed any irritation I was having, and was extremely gentle! I am very sensitive, and this did not ause any irritation whatsoever, which was a pleasant surprise. I like the fact that it is isotonic, meaning its salt content matches up to the salt content in your body. Apparently other gels contain a lot more salt, so I’m glad to see Fairhaven has taken that extra step to really ensure it balances with our bodies. I would absolutely recommend this product..

*By Emilee B

5 stars
Nov 18, 2016
1811, 2016

Great Women’s Health Product

I have never used any vaginal products because I have always been concerned about disrupting my body’s natural balance. This product supports balance in the vaginal ecosystem. I can’t stand the differing odor that occurs after intercourse, exercising, or after my menstrual cycle. When I saw the key benefits, I decided to give this product a try. Anything that promotes optimal vaginal pH, sounds great to me.

IsoFresh Balancing Gel and Natural Douche Alternative is a natural way to get freshness. The gel can be used every three days as needed. It comes with great, descriptive instructions so there is no confusion. The box comes with two applicators that have a measurement right on them for easy use. The gel locks right on and the gel is easy to expel into the applicator. The cleaning instructions are simple as well.

I found the scent very refreshing. The scent isn’t strange at all, which I almost expected. Just fresh. My first thought was, “how messy will thing be?” Not messy at all. I never had any gel leak. None. I was very happy about that. It really does stay out. It is very easy to apply. I like to use this in the morning. I’m a runner, and using this, I definitely notice a freshness. I don’t have to feel embarrassed using the bathroom before someone if I recently had intercourse or after dealing with that pesky monthly visitor, because this gel is amazing. This is a great product. I wish I had it sooner.

*By Lizzie

5 stars
Nov 6, 2016
611, 2016

Actually worked for me!

I thought having a ph imbalance was just something I had to deal with. Knowing that douches were a terrible idea, I have been taking probiotics and watching my diet, hoping that would be enough. But still had “the smell” and dryness, so I thought I’d give this a try. And it worked! I’ve only used it twice, a couple weeks apart, but haven’t had to again! So thankful to find a product that isn’t harmful to my body, but in fact helps it!

*By Elannbe

5 stars
Oct 12, 2016
1210, 2016

So good so far!

I like it!!!

*By Shelia P

5 stars
Oct 11, 2016
1110, 2016


I like this alternative. Removes odor and doesn’t leave any unnatural feeling. Highly recommend

*By Jadene

5 stars
1110, 2016

Works great

It works great made me feel fresh, better then the washes that are out there.

*By Nicole

5 stars
Sep 29, 2016
2909, 2016

Made a difference for me

The gel is clean and stays put. I only need something like this now and then. And no matter what other people say, I KNOW when I need a little rebalancing! I did notice the “exfoliation” as a white chunky discharge with no smell the day after applying. But getting rid of that whiff of an off odor, the clean feeling and no mess of this product made it worth it. I will be using it from here on out when I need an adjustment!

*By kc

5 stars
Sep 28, 2016
2809, 2016

IsoFresh is NOTHING like a douche!

I was pleasantly surprised how easy it was to use. I was a little nervous about trying it because I am really sensitive down there and certain products I used in the past irritated it. So it comes in a tube and there is two applicators and they have measurements on them. You just stick one end around the top opening of the tube and squeeze your desired amount into it. I used 2 gms. It’s a gel like substance. insert the tube like you would insert a tampon basically pushing the gel inside and take the tube out and wash the tube and that is it! You don’t wash the gel out it stays inside and works it’s magic. I did not even feel it inside of me and it never leaked out. it is nothing like a douche for those who are concerned. With a Douche you are squirting lots of liquid inside with the purpose of flushing it and everything else right back out which is not good as you wash out the good bacteria as well. With IsoFresh you are putting the substance in & keeping it there so that it can work it’s magic. It actually helps with pH imbalance which is one of the leading causes of unwanted feminine odor and it does not mess with the good bacteria. I felt so much better, fresher, & the best part was no more odor! I will never allow another product other than IsoFresh in or around my vagina ever again! I feel more confident with my husband when getting it on no longer having to worry about unwanted odor at the most inconvenient times.

*By Kristy Kemp

5 stars
Sep 21, 2016
2109, 2016

try it, you’ll be glad you did

This product has definitely has helped with my odor issues. Feel much fresher during hot days, after my period, or sex. Also more economical than the product I was using before, so thats good.

*By erin

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