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IsoFresh Probiotic Reviews

5 stars
Feb 25, 2020
2502, 2020

Not Provided

*By Maddie

4 stars
Feb 10, 2020
1002, 2020

Not Provided

*By Jocelyn Goldring

5 stars
Dec 5, 2019
512, 2019


I had been suffering with yeast for over a year and within one week this probiotic kicked it! Highly recommend it!

*By Dawn

4 stars
Sep 7, 2019
709, 2019

I think its been working alright

*By Zabrina

5 stars
Aug 16, 2019
1608, 2019

Amazing Product!

I have struggled with bv for a while. I tried other probiotics and pH regulating products. Nothing compares to IsoFresh Probiotic! I’ve been using it for two months and it has helped my symptoms significantly. I would recommend to any woman experiencing pH imbalance or bv. Thank you for making this product!

*By Meg S

5 stars
Aug 15, 2019
1508, 2019

PH balancing

I have PH balance issues and have tried other probiotics in the past. This one seems to really be working. I recommend it and it’s one of the best priced ones I’ve found.

*By Caryn

5 stars
Aug 14, 2019
1408, 2019

Struggled with BV for years. Antibiotics, boric acid suppositories, peroxide douches I’ve tried it all. Within a week of taking these pills I noticed a difference. I haven’t used anything but in the last month and I’ve had zero issues even at times that would have been sure to be an issue in the past.

*By TL

5 stars
May 16, 2019
1605, 2019


Product helped my PH balance tremendously.

*By Jas

5 stars
Feb 15, 2019
1502, 2019

Keeps my Ph in balance.. Thanks fairheaven

*By Teresa

5 stars
Jan 23, 2019
2301, 2019

Love it!

Keeps my ph balanced just right and it’s just a small pull everyday.

*By Brittany

5 stars
Dec 17, 2018
1712, 2018

Helping to keep me healthy

This product has helped to keep my ph balance in check and thankful at such a great price I can afford to buy in bulk and use it daily!

*By CD

5 stars
Dec 3, 2018
312, 2018


Took me a little over a week to notice change but now there’s no more smell …at ALL. Definitely buying again! Essential.

*By Anon

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