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IsoFresh Probiotic Reviews

5 stars
Nov 25, 2018
2511, 2018

Seems to work!

*By Lin

5 stars
Oct 23, 2018
2310, 2018

I love it!

I received this probiotic as a sample from my OBGYN. I have loved it! I genuinely feel that it has helped everything balance out and helped decreased issues I was previously having. The price is affordable and the process to purchase it is straight forward. I would definitely recommend!

*By Kkj

5 stars
Sep 29, 2018
2909, 2018

Works the best

I tried eating yogurt and other supplements but none of them worked and I had to use a boric acid rx. One isofresh pill a day cured my ph imbalane problem

*By E H

5 stars
Aug 23, 2018
2308, 2018

This worked for me!

I am going through menopause and my ph balance was out of wack not to mention the hot flashes. Isofresh Probiotics eliminated it. I’ve tried so many products and finally found a natural supplement. I ran out before I could order more and noticed he difference within a couple of days. I’ll make sure I never run out.

*By Liz

4 stars
May 25, 2018
2505, 2018

Haven’t seen any yet, but that’s probably my fault

I bought this to help get my BV under control and to use it in conjunction with the PH balancing gel. I can’t tell if the probiotics have been helping because I haven’t fully cut sugar out of my diet, which I guess defeats the purpose of introducing good bacteria if I’m still feeding the bad bacteria. Anyway, another reason I bought this is that the strands of probiotics are tailored specifically for vaginal health. Many of the probiotics I have tried or seen do not have L. Reuteri which is one of main players in helping to resolve BV, that and L. Rhamnosos, I believe (or so I’ve read). Anyway, I’m on my 2nd bottle. I will continue to use this with the gel and hopefully will be able to balance out my PH and maintain it.

*By Sherri

5 stars
Jan 9, 2018
901, 2018

so far so good

i’ve been plagued by yeast infections and so far it hasn’t been an issue since taking this. can’t say for sure this is the only reason but don’t think its just coincidence as have noticed some other good changes as well. going to keep taking it for a few months and will report back!

*By Jess

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