IsoLove = IsoTonic

The Importance of Salt

Everyone knows the importance of salt in the body. We know that after strenuous, sweat-producing workouts, we need to replenish our salts. We know it is possible to become ‘water intoxicated’ by drinking too much water in too short a period of time because it can dilute our salts.

Salt is even medicinal at times – we gargle with salt water to heal fissures in our throats, we use it in our neti pots to dissolve mucus in our sinuses, we soak our bodies in it to soothe over-worked muscles. And yet, many skin care and vaginal care products on the shelves today are not balanced to our bodies healthy level of salts!

Everything You Know About Vaginal Care Products Is About to Change!

IsoLove® BioGels are isotonic to vaginal tissues, which means that the salt concentration of the product is the same as the salt concentration of vaginal cells. Many of the other commercially available lubricants, freshening gels, and massage oils are hypo or hypertonic (with too low or too high of a salt concentration relative to vaginal tissues), and cause water to be pushed into, or sucked out, of the vaginal cells. This forced movement of water changes vaginal cell shape and biology, leading to irritation, tissue damage, cell death  and disruptions of the vaginal ecosystem.

Unlike these other products, IsoLove products won’t pull or push water in or out of vaginal cells. Instead, IsoLove products rehydrate tissues to a normal, healthy level, and help to maintain the integrity and health of your vaginal cell structure and ecosystem.  

In fact, the incorrect salt levels in vaginal products have been associated with diseases, such as an increased risk of STDs. For this reason, the World Health Organization has recently sent out a global Advisory warning of the dangers of incorrect salt levels in personal care products and requesting manufacturers move to safer formulations (World Health Organization Advisory Note 2012).  

Fairhaven Health has filed the first patent application of its kind (pending US and International), built specifically around the concept of “doing no harm” with vaginal products. IsoLove BioGels will ultimately provide a wide range of isotonic vaginal products for all phases of a woman’s life.

Dr Peter Rizk

“Fairhaven Health has shown a commitment to bringing the latest science forward in women’s health, with their new isotonic product line. I am thrilled that a company has chosen to put the science around vaginal physiology first in product development.”

– Dr. Peter Rizk, MD, MA, FRCOG, FRCS, HCLD, FACOG, FACS – Professor and the Head of Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility at the University of South Alabama.

IsoLove BioGels Are Also Great for What They Don’t Contain!

IsoLove BioGels are safe and gentle:

  • No Parabens
  • No Coating Oils
  • No Glycerol
  • No Hormones